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Zakat Council and Global ZakatPedia Platform

In the Name of Allah, Merciful to all, Compassionate to each!

As mentioned in our earlier post, we present the Zakatpedia platform. An independent, diverse scholarly led initiative to educate the global Muslim community about Zakat and asses and verify Zakat institutions and programmes.

This is the first phase of the project. The Zakat Standards are laid out clearly on the website – this will be improved and refined in the next few months, Insha’Allah. The Zakat Assessment & Verification Tool (ZAVT) is based on the Zakat Standards, which the Zakat Assessor will use to verify Zakat institutions.

There will be regional Zakat Councils across the (at least western world) world led by Zakat experts and scholars. We have started with the first phase in the UK.

We pray this platform becomes a source of trust and gives confidence to Zakat payers that independent scholarly boards are facilitating their Zakat needs.

Please visit the Zakatpedia website:

If you see anything that needs improving or any mistakes, please do not hesitate to let us know.