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Sh Mostahfiz Gani

Sh Mostahfiz Gani is a distinguished individual with a multifaceted background. Currently, he is recognized as an award-winning wildlife photographer, showcasing his passion and talent for capturing the beauty of the natural world through his lens.

In addition to his photographic pursuits, Sh Mostahfiz Gani serves as an advisor to youth work at KMY (Kingston Muslim Youth). His dedication to mentoring and guiding the younger generation within the Kingston Muslim community is evident in his role as an advisor.

Prior to his current endeavors, Sh Mostahfiz Gani held various influential positions. He served as the youth lead at Kingston Mosque, actively engaging and empowering young members of his community. His dedication to education and youth development extended beyond the mosque, as he also worked as a primary school teacher, imparting knowledge and values to young minds.

Furthermore, Sh Mostahfiz Gani took on the role of a youth and new Muslims coordinator at ICCI (Islamic Cultural Centre Ireland), contributing to the integration and support of new converts to Islam. His commitment to religious education is highlighted by his previous positions as an Islamic studies and Arabic teacher in Birmingham.

Sh Mostahfiz Gani's academic journey reflects his commitment to his faith and education. He holds a Master's degree in Islamic studies from Birmingham, demonstrating his deep knowledge and expertise in Islamic subjects. Additionally, he earned a Bachelor's degree in Shariah and Usool al Deen from the Institut Européen Des Sciences Humaines, further enhancing his understanding of the fundamental principles of Islam.

Sh Mostahfiz Gani's life journey is a testament to his dedication to both his faith and the community. Whether through his captivating wildlife photography or his extensive involvement in youth work and education, he continues to make a positive impact on those around him.


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