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Student Loans & the Islamic Perspectives – The BBSI Symposium

A one day symposium with experts, shariah scholars, policy makers and practitioners on the permissibility (or not) of benefiting from the student loan schemes. This one day symposium will explore the islamic rulings relating to student finance and provide guidance to the muslim community and recommendations to key stakeholders. A comprehensive guidance will be published thereafter.

Who Should Attend?

– Shariah Scholars and Graduates

– PhD in Islamic Studies, social sciences and the humanities

– Imams and Teachers of Islamic studies

– Policy Makers

– Head Teachers of Schools, Colleges and University lecturers

NB: if you do not meet any of the above crieria and would like to attend, please email us:

Only the above will be allowed to participate. If you do not meet any of the conditions above and you register, your ticket will not be refunded, and you will not be allowed to participate.

The exact venue detalils will be emailed few days before the symposium. Previous symposiums were held at the London Marriot Hotel, West India Quay, London, Docklands. We are hoping to hold it at the same place. If it is not possible, it will be held in a suitable venue in London, Insha’Allah.

Please follow the link for registration: