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Qunut al Nazilah

Du’a al-Qunut holds significant importance within the Islamic tradition. It is a supplication offered during prayers at a specific juncture while standing, commonly during times of calamity (nazilah) that affect the Muslim community. This practice involves reciting Du’a al-Qunut after rising from the ruku’ (bowing) position in the final rak’ah of the five daily obligatory prayers, emphasising the vital role of prayer in seeking divine guidance and intervention during challenging times.

Additional points to consider:

1. The practice of Qunut Nazilat may be led by Imams and conducted in mosques during the five daily prayers. However, it’s important to note that there are varying opinions among scholars regarding whether it is acceptable or preferred to include it in all five daily prayers or only during Fajr. These differences are recognised among the Fuqaha.

2. Individuals are encouraged to incorporate Du’a al-Qunut into their individual prayers at home. Families can unite to perform this supplication collectively, fostering a sense of community and spiritual connection.

3. Imams and mosques should exercise caution in selecting the words used during Qunut. The choice of words is essential, as they should reflect prayers for peace and invoke divine mercy and guidance effectively. Careful consideration and guidance from knowledgeable scholars should be considered as well as legal and ethical guidelines.


The BBSI does not assume responsibility for the activities of any individual mosque or scholar. The above guidance is provided in a general sense, and we encourage everyone to exercise their own reason and wisdom in this noble endeavor.