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PRESS RELEASE: BBSI 11th Annual International Symposium

The British Board of Scholars & Imams hosts the Annual International Symposium on Saturday, 4 February 2023.

London, UK – The British Board of Scholars & Imams is proud to announce its annual international symposium, which brought together imams, scholars, and Islamically literate academics from all over the UK and abroad for a full day of discussion, debate, and learning.

The symposium was a great success, attracting a diverse group of scholars from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in insightful conversations about the future of Islamic scholarship and the role that imams and scholars can play in shaping it.

“The annual international symposium is an opportunity for us to bring together a community of thought leaders and practitioners who are committed to advancing Islamic scholarship and promoting a greater understanding of the religion,” said Sh. AbdalHaq Bewley, Chair of the British Board of Scholars & Imams.

“We are honoured to have such a talented and passionate group of individuals attend this year’s event, and we look forward to continuing these important discussions in the coming years,” added Sh. Bewley.

About the British Board of Scholars & Imams

The BBSI is an apolitical national assembly of imams, traditional scholars, and Islamically literate academics formed to facilitate scholarly intra-Muslim research and dialogue and to provide authoritative ethico-theological guidance and leadership on matters relevant to Muslims whilst promoting wider community welfare.

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