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BBSI GUIDANCE ON STUDENT FINANCE: Between Prohibition & Lawfulness

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BBSI is an apolitical national assembly of imams, scholars and academics who are trained in traditional Islamic law and theology as well as in technical fields in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. BBSI was formed to facilitate scholarly research and dialogue among Muslims and in the wider society.

BBSI provides authoritative ethical and theological guidance and leadership on matters relevant to Muslims, whilst promoting wider community welfare.

BBSI receives no funding from the government or other institutions and is entirely independent. The views expressed in its guidance are those of its imams and scholars.

BBSI’s role in addressing the need for student finance that is consistent with the faith requirements of Muslims is crucial.

In producing this guidance, BBSI has adopted a collaborative approach by engaging with expert members and various Muslim scholarly and professional bodies worldwide, ensuring a well-rounded perspective.

This underscores BBSI’s commitment to representing a wide spectrum of viewpoints within the Muslim community.

Central to BBSI’s approach is profound respect for the diversity of opinions within Islamic scholarship. This aligns with traditional Islamic learning, which embraces various interpretations and perspectives. By encouraging individuals to consult their own scholars and financial experts, BBSI empowers people to make informed decisions relating to student finance in harmony with their circumstances and beliefs.

In an era marked by the pursuit of higher education and the financial challenges that come with it, relying on qualified scholarly leadership is paramount. Organisations like BBSI bridge the gap between religious teachings and contemporary financial knowledge, providing guidance informed by both tradition and practical application. Through collective wisdom, individuals and communities can navigate complex issues related to student finance with clarity and unity.

Watch the special video podcast of the guidance: