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Moonsighting Debate: Seeking Harmony Amid Confusion

Matters related to Ramadan timings fall within the derived aspects of the law (Sharia), where differences of opinion are acceptable and even considered a mercy, provided they do not lead to inter-communal disharmony. We do not promote any single view but recognise that all these opinions are the fruits of the diligent labour of qualified scholars, and are within the parameters of the law. No viewpoint has a definitive and unequivocal sacred text by which it may gain monopoly over others, though some positions are more textually and classically evidenced than others. We believe that maintaining ties of mutual love and harmony is a far greater obligation than rigidly sticking to one’s opinion in such derived matters. However, it is past time to build local consensus on these issues, given the animosity and strife that such differences create. The BBSI extends an offer, considering its unique ecumenical position bridging scholarly, ethnic and regional groups, to come together as a single Muslim community in the UK to find a way forward so as to ensure fidelity to tradition, ease for the community, and inter-communal harmony.

To read the full report and guidance please download by clicking Moonsighting Debate – Seeking Harmony Amid Confusion – BBSIG04