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BBSI Guidelines for the Eid Prayer

The BBSI is an apolitical national assembly of imams, traditional scholars and Islamically literate Muslim academics formed to facilitate scholarly intra-Muslim research and dialogue. Our aim is to provide authoritative ethico-theological guidance and leadership on matters relevant to Muslims, whilst promoting wider community welfare. It primarily seeks to do this by developing theological leadership that can authentically represent the rich scholarly inheritance of Islam, whilst responding flexibly to the context of modern times. Its ultimate aim is to both serve and represent the Muslim community in an ethical, inclusive, professional, and scholar-led way.

The BBSI especially takes seriously the responsibility to provide theologically grounded, practically focussed, holistic and – above all – cool-headed and far-sighted guidance to the community in times of generalised anxiety and panic.  This advice should be read in conjunction with previous BBSI guidance (BBSIG02 and BBSIG05).

Due to the current lockdown restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, public performance of Eid and  Jumu’a prayers, both of which involve large congregations, are currently suspended across the country – whether performance in mosques and community centres or in open areas. It is understood that this will be distressing to very many people, given the social and religious significance of the Eid prayer. Unfortunately, though the BBSI – along with other faith communities – is engaged in current discussions with Public Health England and HM Government, it is extremely unlikely that lockdown restrictions will be relaxed sufficiently in time to allow public and open performance of the Eid prayer.

To read the full guidance please click BBSI0G8 – Guidance for Eid