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Call for Papers – BBSI

The BBSI is an apolitical national assembly of imams, traditional scholars and religiously learned academics formed to facilitate scholarly intra-Muslim research and dialogue and to provide authoritative ethico-theological guidance and leadership on matters relevant to Muslims whilst promoting wider community welfare. Through the academic symposiums, the BBSI will provide the opportunity for intellectual and practical problems and their solutions to be explored with the full resources available from within the Islamic and academic traditions.

Our diverse body of scholars believes that a new approach is needed to address the unprecedented challenges that face our community. This new approach needs to be deeply informed by Islamic theology, metaphysics, spirituality, ethics and our scholarly inheritance. Simultaneously, it must be receptive to multi-disciplinary academic and professional knowledge. Based upon this, this approach cannot be provided by one body or confessional group. Rather, a broad base of ulama, academics and experts are needed.

More details: BBSI-CallForPapers