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BBSI leadership gathering, London, 13 Nov, 2022

The British Board of Scholars & Imams (BBSI) organised an imams’, scholars’, and community leaders’ meeting on Sunday, November 13, 2022, in London. The meeting with local leaders was to introduce the BBSI and its goals and vision and discuss how it could collaborate with Muslim organisations in the UK.

The BBSI’s leadership gatherings provide local communities with opportunities to share ideas, suggestions, and feedback on the work of UK scholars and find opportunities for various organisations to cooperate in promoting good in society. 

The BBSI will be organising future leaders’ gatherings in other parts of the UK.

The trustees of the BBSI also met for two days in London with leaders to find pathways to support the British Muslim community in providing theological and spiritual leadership. 

End notes:

The British Board of Scholars & Imams (BBSI) is an apolitical national assembly of imams, traditional scholars, and Islamically literate Muslim academics formed to facilitate scholarly intra-Muslim research and dialogue. Its continued aim is to serve the Muslim community in an ethical, inclusive, professional, and scholar-led way, with the interest of the Muslim community as its primary motivation and goal. We aim to provide authoritative ethico-theological guidance and leadership on matters relevant to Muslims, whilst promoting broader community welfare. It primarily seeks to do this by developing theological leadership that can authentically represent the rich scholarly inheritance of Islam whilst responding flexibly to the context of modern times.