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UK Zakat Council and Global ZakatPedia Platform

Zakat is one of the five core aspects of Islam, and as a ritual act of worship, it has set conditions and criteria detailing Zakat assets, the amount, and the recipients of Zakat. There are some legitimate differences among the classical madhāhib, but…

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Welcoming the Month of Ramadan 1443/2022 – A Public Service Message by The BBSI

The British Board of Scholars & Imams (BBSI): Welcoming the Month of Ramadan 1443/2022 In the Name of Allah, Merciful to all, Compassionate to each! All praise belongs to Allah, and may His peace and blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad…

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Daily Reflections from the Qur’an – Ramadan 2022

Daily Ramadan Reflections from the Qur’an Join The British Board of Scholars & Imams (BBSI) during the blessed month of Ramadan to listen to imams and scholars reflect on their personal reflections from the Qur’an. Every day during the month of…

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Re-envisioning Islamic Scholarship – A Maqasid based Methodology to Islamic Knowledge

Re-envisioning Islamic Scholarship – A Maqasid based Methodology to Islamic Knowledge Saturday 25 December 2021 | 9 – 10:30 PM GMT With Dr Jasser Auda Private zoom discussion with scholars, imams, academics, learned practitioners and activists. To register: Notes on…

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BBSI organises a unique symposium on the student loan and the Muslim community

For many years, Muslim students have been negatively affected by the current student loan system. There are various views and opinions regarding taking out a ‘student loan’ from the Islamic perspective, ranging from being impermissible and permissible based on necessity. This…

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Call for Papers – BBSI

The BBSI is an apolitical national assembly of imams, traditional scholars and religiously learned academics formed to facilitate scholarly intra-Muslim research and dialogue and to provide authoritative ethico-theological guidance and leadership on matters relevant to Muslims whilst promoting wider community welfare….

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The Great Big Green Week Friday Khutbah Template

The British Board of Scholars & Imams has joined a coalition of Muslim organisations and charities to highlight the growing problem of climate change. As a often over-looked area, climate change and care for the environment is essential as we move…

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BBSI Symposia Student Loans Sponsorship

If you are an org or charity and wish to sponsor the BBSI’s next symposium please download the sponsorship document: BBSI-Symposia-Sponsorship

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Student Loans & the Islamic Perspectives – The BBSI Symposium

A one day symposium with experts, shariah scholars, policy makers and practitioners on the permissibility (or not) of benefiting from the student loan schemes. This one day symposium will explore the islamic rulings relating to student finance and provide guidance to…

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Foster Friday

As a community we must consider how we support orphan and refugee children when they are displaced and arrive in U.K As most Muslim children spend time in non-Muslim homes the only solution for this is more Muslim foster carers and…

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