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About BBSIBBSI is a national assembly of Imams, Scholars & Islamically literate Muslim Academics 

The BBSI formed to facilitate intra Muslim dialogue on theology, jurisprudence and community welfare.

The need for this has been recognised for many years, with the first informal gathering having taken place in 2013.

The board is an independent, non-political, non-sectarian and non-partisan network dedicated to a cooperation based on the principle of unity of purpose, as opposed to the uniformity of opinion.

Vision & Aims

Empower Imams & Scholars so that they contribute to developing a cohesive, equitable and successful British Society.

1. To facilitate an understanding and cooperation based on the principle of unity of purpose as opposed to the uniformity of opinion.

2. To facilitate and increase the cooperation between various Imams, Scholars and islamically literate Muslim Academics.

3. To promote and enhance understanding among Imams, Scholars and islamically literate Muslim Academics by facilitating intra Muslim dialogue to reduce perceived methodological theological and jurisprudential differences among mainstream Islamic thought.


1. Through cooperation and coordination, to strengthen links between various scholars, Imams, and islamically literate Muslim Academics from various perspectives, while also attempting to encourage others to come on board which is truly representative of the various perspectives of mainstream Islam.

2. Through the production of discussion papers (online) to bring about the effective awareness of issues on theology, jurisprudence and related matters.

3. Through a programme of planned symposiums (academic seminars) produce critical research that are not only theory based but also of practical nature, which will positively influence and have constructive impact on the ground.

4. To work with Organisations and Charities and provide Islamic and Theological guidance.

Our Key Areas of Focus

Imam Development
Iftā Related Activities
Academic Research
Community Welfare
Promote Understanding Among Imam's & Scholars
Provide Islamic and Theological Guidance